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Wendy Teixeira is born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in 1989. Her parents are from the Cape Verdean Islands. When Wendy Teixeira was born her parents soon realized that she had an talent for music. This musical vein comes from her father who played music in his childhood on metal cans with his friends in Cape Verde. His dream was and still is to play music. Today these dreams are realized by his beloved daughter Wendy Teixeira. She started to play her first notes on a keyboard of her father. At the age of 10 she went regularly with the family to church ” Nossa Senhora da Paz “. Here she put her first steps in music by following music lessons. They soon began playing organ during church services and singing in the church choir. Here it was that she was encouraged to continue with her passion in music. She had several shows along the years with various Cape Verdean musicians and until now she is still exploring different musical styles. But her heart and soul lies in the traditional music of Cape Verde. Her inspirations comes from renowned singers like Cesaria Evora, Mayra Andrade, Mariana Ramos, Nancy Viera and Sara Tavares. Wendy Teixeira is creative and curious, besides the melodic timbre of her beautiful voice, she is doing research on various instruments including those from Africa. The result here is to note its basic knowledge of roads and the playing of various instruments such as piano, accordion, saxophones, violin and guitar. Her dream in her musical world is working on her own project by writing and composing traditional music in Cape Verdean and Portuguese -language from her own themes.


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